Breast Implant Revision

Patient 58

This 38-year-old female was unhappy with her breast shape and nipple position from another surgeon . She underwent a breast lift with augmentation (total submuscular with 350 cc implants) and a free nipple graft (shown 5 months out)

Patient 59

This 57-year-old woman had breast implants by another surgeon. She did not like the shape of her breasts and underwent bilateral implant removal with breast lift (shown 6 months out).

Patient 370

Although her implants were placed in her early twenties, this 58 year old says they were always very hard, like softballs. 4 months after removal of both ruptured subglandular silicone implants, partial capsulectomy, and replacement with new silicone implants, her breasts are better than they were after her original surgery, and the pain is gone!