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Unless you have lived in a bubble your entire life, you probably have at least one scar. For most people with most scars, they could care less about their scars. However, for others, having a poorly formed scar or conspicuously located scar may be quite distressing. Scars may also affect function. As someone who has had scar revision surgery, Dr. Albright cares a great deal about having better looking and more functional scars.

Dr. Albright will delve into possible contributing factors for poor scar development and develop a treatment plan to improve your scar. Come in today to see what is possible for your scar revision!

Scar Revision FAQ’s

When should I consider scar revision surgery?

Scars are not considered mature until 8-12 months after the wound has healed. This is because there continue to be changes on the cellular level during this time. Typically, the scar will fade in color, flatten and soften. Therefore, most scars improve in appearance and texture over time, and is why Dr. Albright will typically have patients wait at least 1 year prior to offering a surgical scar revision. Patients may also become more accepting of the scar with time, and may eventually "forget about it". However there are exceptions (see section below)!

What are hypertrophic scars? What are keloid scars?

Some scars may not improve much, if at all, with time! These include hypertrophic scars and keloid scars. Both of these scar types appear similar at first, but have some very key differences particularly in treatment strategies. A hypertrophic scar may improve or resolve with steroid injections alone, whereas a keloid scar is much less likely to do so. This is why it is important to figure out which type of scar we are dealing with.

Keloid scarring runs in families, and most patients will have other family members with these troublesome scars. Keloids can continue to GROW even without additional injury. Furthermore, surgery may stimulate them to grow again or even grow faster. Therefore, the treatment for keloid scars is more aggressive and will typically involve steroid injections with surgical excision. Together, you and Dr. Albright will come up with a plan that fits your goals.

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“ My experience with Dr. Albright was very positive ! He and his staff are a caring and compassionate team. I had a suspicious mole on the top of my head. The pros and cons were discussed. I was made aware a second surgery might be necessary , depending on the tissue diagnosis. Both surgeries went smoothly ! Hair loss was minimal due his conservative approach. I highly recommend Dr. Albright . His competence as a surgeon and his patient rapport are excellent. ”
Mole Removal
“ Dr. Albright has removed multiple moles for my family. Recently he removed a 5mm mole on my son's face. He was able to remove the mole and after only 3 weeks you can't even see a scar. Not only is he a talented surgeon, but he has the ability to explain things to you in words that everyone can understand and he's able to make you feel at ease while he is working. He's a talented all around superior Dr. ”
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“ My experience with Dr. Albright was exceptional. He is highly professional and knowledgable. He answered my questions and made certain I had a good understanding of what the surgery procedure would be, including what I could expect post-surgery. He worked with my cancer surgeon,who removed a large basal cell area on my head. Dr. Albright was able to close the wound in a manner that left absolutely no scarring on my bald head. I am VERY pleased with his work and would recommend him HIGHLY. ”
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