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One of the more difficult areas to conceal, particularly in Central and South Texas, is our upper arms. If you struggle with excess skin or fullness of the upper arm and armpit and feel uncomfortable with the appearance, it may be time to consider an arm lift. Patients often notice improvement in their daily activities as well as boosted confidence after their "bat wings" have been removed. Dr. Albright can help you regain your short-sleeve swagger!

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ARm liftFAQ’s

What is involved with an arm lift?

Dr. Albright, will perform a comprehensive exam on your arms to determine what options are best to achieve your goals.

1. For patients with otherwise good quality skin (few stretch marks and good elasticity - these are typically younger patients who have not had many wide fluctuations in weight) and who simply have a bit too much fullness of the upper arm, liposuction alone can be utilized to contour the arm. Liposuction alone can be done under local anesthesia only, and has an easier recovery than more invasive procedures. Results can be seen in about 3-5 months after the procedure.

2. For patients with minimal fullness but significant hanging skin of the arm (usually patients who have achieved dramatic weight loss), removal of the skin itself without liposuction may be best. This can be done as an outpatient procedure and can also be combined with other body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck or breast lift. In contrast to liposuction alone, this surgery requires placement of a scar down the arm (similar to an in-seam on a long sleeve shirt) which may need to cross over to the armpit. The recovery is a bit more involved than liposuction alone, but patients can see dramatic improvement sooner.

3. For patients who have significant excess skin and excess fat, a combined liposuction and excision procedure may be warranted. This can achieve the most dramatic results, but does entail more recovery and upfront cost.

Still not sure, no worries! Dr. Albright can help guide you through this process.

What are the common risks with an arm lift?

Any surgical procedure has risks, and Dr. Albright will help you determine if the benefits of a procedure outweigh the risks. Arm lifts are no different. The most common patient concerns after arm lift relate to symmetry and scarring. For full arm lifts (not liposuction alone), a scar is placed on the "in-seam" of the arm and may cross over to the armpit. The scar may widen due to tension at closure. Additionally, by removing excess skin and weight, patients may unmask a pre-existing "arm band" that is not easily corrected. A revision surgery may be necessary to acheive a better result.

Other more rare risks include damage to sensory nerves of the forearm, and longterm swelling of the arm (lymphedema).  Dr. Albright carefully screens patients for risk factors for the development of these rare but serious complications. This is yet another reason why it is so important to see a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Albright.

What is the recovery like for an arm lift?

Although every patient is different and recovery will depend on specific techniques used, most patients will require several weeks of arm compression with either ACE wraps or a formal compression sleeve. For skin excision patients, range of motion in the arms will be limited for 2 weeks so as to limit more tension on the incision and risk a wound healing problem. This means limited reaching or pulling, and elbows should be tucked in at their sides. Patients may be able to resume light exercise by 4-6 weeks depending on wound healing. Final results may be seen about 5-6 months after surgery.

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“ Dr. Albright is a skilled and precise surgeon. At my first appointment
Dr. Albright and his staff are extremely skilled and knowledge. Being an RN and knowing details about surgical complications and post op infection risks, I wouldn’t go to any other plastic surgeons in town. He absolutely wants the best results and is willing to take the time needed to achieve that goal. Dr. Albright is realistic about expectations and outcomes and takes the time during procedures to do it right. I highly recommend Dr. Albright without reservations. ”
“ What a breath of fresh air! Dr. Albright is an extraordinarily competent plastic surgeon. I was referred by another physician who has worked directly with Dr. Albright in the surgical suite. Doctor is a perfectionist; and I am very grateful to have experienced an outstanding surgical result. His work is of top notch grade and has exceeded my expectations. He has impeccable credentials, but most importantly he is a nice person. I am blessed to receive a gift from his healing hands. ”
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“ I recently had breast augmentation, and I am so pleased with my results. He spent a great deal of time explaining my options, listening to what I wanted, and providing his opinion. I visited other surgeons in the area and didn’t feel any of the others listened or cared quite like Dr. Albright.  Not only do I recommend Dr. Albright, hospital nurses commented to me that he is the best! ”
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“ Dr. Albright is a caring professional - he answers all questions thoroughly and takes as much time as necessary.  He is an exceptional doctor.  Everyone is friendly, caring and shows genuine concern for how the patient is feeling - I felt comfortable the first time I met Dr. Albright and his staff.  This continued on every visit. ”
“ I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Albright. He was very patient, thorough, and skilled. I had a great experience and was glad that I chose him to be my surgeon. I was extremely pleased with my results. He is personable and patient. Couldn't ask for anything more. ”
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