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How many times have you thought, 'why can't I just move the fat from my [fill in the blank] to my [breasts/butt]?' Well the answer is yes, we can move that fat! Fat grafting is when fat is removed from one part of the body with liposuction, and then reinjected using blunt-tip cannulas into another part of the body where more volume is desired, such as the breasts or buttocks. Get in contact with Alamo Plastic Surgery which is one of the best plastic surgery clinics for fat transfer in San Antonio TX.

Unlike other fillers, like silicone implants, grafted fat is biocompatible. It is your own tissue! No worries about reaction or foreign bodies.  It is an extremely versatile procedure, as it can be combined with many other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures with minimal additional risk!

Fat transfer is particularly helpful with breast surgery. Fat transfer breast augmentation will help to use fat to add just that little bit more volume, and perhaps, forego the need for a permanent implant! It is commonly used in breast lift surgery to improve overall contour and give a touch more volume. Fat grafting is also an excellent choice in revision breast implant surgery as the fat can be injected over an existing breast implant to improve shape, feel and limit implant rippling.

Transform your body and boost your confidence with Dr. William Albright, MD - a renowned plastic surgeon in San Antonio, TX. With his board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he offers expert cosmetic and body surgery services, such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and mommy makeovers. Get started on your journey towards a better you and schedule your appointment today at (210)-670-5302.

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Fat Transfer FAQ’s

Is fat grafting safe in the breast? In the buttocks?

Injecting fat into the subcutaneous fat layer of the buttocks and into the breast tissue has been shown to be a safe technique, when performed correctly. There has been much media attention (for GOOD REASON!!!) on several high profile deaths caused by poorly performed fat transfer to the butt! This is why it is important to select your surgeons carefully.

For injection into the breast, whether it is an unoperated breast, a previously augmented or lifted breast, or even a breast that has undergone previous breast cancer surgery, human studies have continued to show safety regarding risk of stimulating cancer growth.

More recently there has been concerns raised about fat transfer when the fat is dramatically altered either mechanically or by treating the fat chemically. This is still being researched and is one of the reasons Dr. Albright does not substantively process the fat. Dr. William Albright, one of the best surgeons for fat transfer surgery.

A unique issue with fat transfer is the variability of fat graft "take", meaning who much of the tissue injected will survive the transfer. Although this is a well documented phenomena, the volume of fat that survives is not easily predicted. As with any procedure a small touch-up may be desired.

Can fat grafting replace the need for a breast implant?

Yes and no! It depends on the patients current breast shape/size and their desired outcome. Fat can provide additional volume and help 'fine-tune' the contours of the breast, such as smoothing out the edges around a breast implant. However, it is not as 'structural' as a breast implant. This is especially important in areas where the patient may want to maintain a full and rounded shape particularly when naked. These areas are typically the top of the breasts (superior pole fullness), and the cleavage area (medial pole of the breast, or intermammary space).

For my athletes... Fat grafting may be a consideration to avoid having an implant, which may migrate more over time with strenuous, competitive exercise. Fat transfer to buttocks surgery will assist you to look better. However, the patient must have enough fat somewhere else on the body to donate to the breasts! If you are particularly fit with a very low % body fat, you may not be a good candidate for this reason. Additionally, if you plan to cut weight in the future (I'm looking at you my bodybuilding friends!), the transferred fat will behave just like your normal fat. Meaning the fat volume will disappear and will not be doing its job. If you have questions on whether you could benefit from fat transfer, come visit with Dr. Albright!

Does fat transfer hurt?

Fat grafting is very similar to liposuction itself, as fat grafting necessitates liposuction for fat harvesting. This is typically the area that hurts the most, not necessarily the area where the fat is being injected. As we say, liposuction is still the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the United States, and therefore seems to be well tolerated by most people. If you have concerns about this, Dr. Albright will be able to answer your questions.

What is the recovery like for Fat grafting?

Just like the pain from the procedure, the recovery is very similar to liposuction itself. One exception however is with buttock augmentation which requires different body positioning after surgery (don't sit on the grafted area!). Patients will be wearing compression to donor sites for a minimum of 4 weeks continuous compression, followed by 2 weeks of daytime only (off at night), and finally (after 6 weeks) may attempt no compression.

When will I see my final results after fat grafting?

Two points worth discussing here. First, Fat transfer surgery causes inflammation from the 'injury' and creates surgical 'space' which signals to your body to fill the new surgical space with fluid from your circulation. This fluid is what causes most of the swelling after at transfer buttock augmentation. This fluid will ultimately be reabsorbed by your body, except in the case of a seroma or significant lymphatic damage. After an initial 3-5 day worsening of swelling after surgery, there will be a gradual decrease for several months. This process occurs at different rates for different people and for different anatomic areas, and is further affected by one's postoperative activities. So this period of swelling is variable. However, for breast augmentation, most of the swelling has resolved after about 2 months.

But this is still not your final result! Secondly, the injected fat does not have 100% graft survival. Some of those cells will not survive the transfer and will be broken down over time. This volume, as stated elsewhere, is not predictable. However, in Dr. Albright's hands and supported by the literature, about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the transfer fat will have survived by 1 year postoperatively. Most of this volume will be seen by about 3-4 months after surgery.

So typical postoperative results will be seen around 4 months after surgery. The shape of the breasts out of clothes and the scars, however will still be maturing at this time. Dr. Albright, one of the best fat transfer surgeons, will help you plan the timing of your surgery, to best fit with your schedule!

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“ Dr. Albright is a skilled and precise surgeon. At my first appointment
Dr. Albright and his staff are extremely skilled and knowledge. Being an RN and knowing details about surgical complications and post op infection risks, I wouldn’t go to any other plastic surgeons in town. He absolutely wants the best results and is willing to take the time needed to achieve that goal. Dr. Albright is realistic about expectations and outcomes and takes the time during procedures to do it right. I highly recommend Dr. Albright without reservations. ”
“ What a breath of fresh air! Dr. Albright is an extraordinarily competent plastic surgeon. I was referred by another physician who has worked directly with Dr. Albright in the surgical suite. Doctor is a perfectionist; and I am very grateful to have experienced an outstanding surgical result. His work is of top notch grade and has exceeded my expectations. He has impeccable credentials, but most importantly he is a nice person. I am blessed to receive a gift from his healing hands. ”
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“ I recently had breast augmentation, and I am so pleased with my results. He spent a great deal of time explaining my options, listening to what I wanted, and providing his opinion. I visited other surgeons in the area and didn’t feel any of the others listened or cared quite like Dr. Albright.  Not only do I recommend Dr. Albright, hospital nurses commented to me that he is the best! ”
Dr. William Albright Testimonial5 star for Dr. William Albright
“ Dr. Albright is a caring professional - he answers all questions thoroughly and takes as much time as necessary.  He is an exceptional doctor.  Everyone is friendly, caring and shows genuine concern for how the patient is feeling - I felt comfortable the first time I met Dr. Albright and his staff.  This continued on every visit. ”
“ I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Albright. He was very patient, thorough, and skilled. I had a great experience and was glad that I chose him to be my surgeon. I was extremely pleased with my results. He is personable and patient. Couldn't ask for anything more. ”
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