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For women with loose, damaged skin on the belly, whether it is from multiple pregnancies or weight loss, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) may be the best way to get a more youthful and attractive stomach.  For these women, there really is no “minimally invasive” or non-surgical substitute for a tummy tuck.  Women rave about ‘getting their bodies back’ and being able to wear ‘regular’ clothes or even a two-piece swimsuit again with confidence!  

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that will remove excess skin and stretch marks, typically from the lower part of the abdomen and leave a scar that can be hidden under most underwear and bikini bottoms.  While loose skin is being removed, a stretched or damaged looking belly button (umbilicus) can often be rejuvenated.  Also, if there has been separation of the abdominal muscles from pregnancies (rectus diastasis), Dr. Albright can improve this with ‘rectus plication’ helping to narrow and feminize the waistline.  Full or droopy pubic mound (mons pubis)? Dr. Albright will see about flattening this during the surgery. Therefore, a tummy tuck is plastic surgery that can rejuvenate the entire abdominal area!

As a board certified tummy tuck plastic surgeon in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Albright may suggest combining the tummy tuck with liposuction to get an even better result if a patient will benefit from additional body contouring.

Dr. William Albright, MD, is a San Antonio, TX, plastic surgeon. With years of experience and expertise in cosmetic and body surgery, Dr. Albright can help you achieve your desired look. Whether you want to enhance your breasts, flatten your tummy, or get a mommy makeover, Dr. Albright has got you covered. Book your appointment at (210)-670-5302 and take the first step towards your dream body.

Tummy tuck FAQ’s

Am I a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

Good candidates for a tummy tuck are women who are finished with child-bearing (not planning future pregnancies) and at a stable, preferably ideal, body weight. For the best cosmetic results, patients should have a body mass index (BMI) less than 30, and have most of their fat located under the skin instead of inside the abdominal wall. Alamo Plastic Surgery is one of the best plastic surgery clinics for tummy tuck surgery for women in San Antonio, TX. Dr. Albright will assess this during the physical exam.  As safety is of utmost importance to Dr. Albright, patients should be medically healthy enough for general anesthesia, and should not have had major abdominal surgeries or mesh-based large hernia repairs. Patients who have had bariatric surgery, should be at least 1 year after their procedure, and have stable weight with adequate follow up and laboratory studies by their bariatric surgeons prior to considering body contouring procedures.

What do the tummy tuck scars look like?

The common scar pattern is a horizontal (side-to-side) scar located above the pubic mound near where a C-section scar would be placed. The scar is contoured and positioned so that it should be fairly easy to hide with most types of underwear and bikini bottoms.  The scar is longer than a C section scar, and the length depends on how much skin needs to be removed with a "mini abdominoplasty" having the shortest length scar. Occasionally, if the belly button is being relocated, a short vertical scar may be necessary between the belly button and the low horizontal scar, and a scar will be placed around the ‘new’ belly button.  

Other scar options are a “reverse tummy tuck” where the scar is placed redundant skin is moved upward, and a horizontal scar is placed under the breasts. This is far less common than the traditional lower body scar.  Finally, for patients  who have had dramatic weight-loss success including after bariatric surgery, it may be necessary to perform a “fleur-de-lis” incision which combines a traditional lower side-to-side incision with a long vertical incision creating an upside down ‘T’ pattern.  This is sometimes needed to address not only top-down skin excess but also side-to-side skin excess. Although the scar pattern is more visible and difficult to hide out-of-clothing, the resulting improvement in shape and waist definition is usually considered a fair trade by these patients.  

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What is the recovery like for a tummy tuck and when can I resume exercise / weightlifting?

In the first week after surgery, the patient will need to maintain a flexed waist (bent-over) position while standing, sitting and lying down. In the days following surgery if drains are used, they will typically be removed by the second week.  In the first week patients will wear an abdominal binder 24/7, followed by 5 weeks of a compression garment.   Walking exercise may be resumed by 4 weeks in most patients, followed by advancing to strenuous activities at 6 weeks.  Most patients will be unrestricted by 2 months after surgery (out of compression and performing all normal exercise activities).  However, if a rectus diastasis repair was performed, Dr. A will recommend avoiding intense abdominal bracing movements like heavy weightlifting, until 3 months after surgery, and with precautions.
One of the biggest reasons for the tremendous growth in non-surgical or minimally-invasive body contouring procedures is the longer recovery involved with surgery.  However the surgical result can not be replicated with these other technologies.  Every month, Dr A works with patients who have high work / life demands, including parental responsibilities.  Although individual recommendations may vary, most patients will need at least 2 weeks to recover from surgery prior to resuming less physically demanding work assignments, regular household chores and primary child care.  Ideally the patient’s younger children do not need to be lifted routinely, and are able to climb in and out of their car seat without help.  Most patients benefit from the assistance of a spouse or partner for the first week, and a family member for the second week.  

When will I see my Tummy Tuck results?

As the proverb goes, good things come to those who wait. The healing process takes time.  The initial swelling from surgery is the body’s response to inflammation caused by surgical injury. When a surgically created space is made and inflammation is present, the body will allow clear fluid (serous fluid) from your circulation to move into the space. Swelling may take as long as 3-5 months after surgery to completely resolve and reveal your postoperative figure. Additionally, the scars will continue to mature their appearance over 8-12 month time period. Dr. Albright and his staff will help you through this transition period. He will tailor the procedures to best fit your goals! He is one of the best Tummy Tuck surgeons in San Antonio TX.

Can I get other surgery procedures like breast surgery or arm/thigh lift, at the same time as my tummy tuck?

Yes, it is common to combine procedures as there is usually less total expense and only one postoperative recovery period. Additionally, patients will have a much more profound body makeover.  The most common procedures performed with a tummy tuck plastic surgery are breast surgeries (breast augmentation, breast lift, augmentation mastopexy or fat transfer to the breasts) and is commonly described as a “mommy makeover”. However, there are drawbacks to combining procedures and it may not be ideal for all patients.  The complications from combined surgeries is slightly higher than doing the procedures independently especially for blood clots.  Dr. William Albright, one of the best surgeons for tummy tuck surgery, and he will assess these risks and will be happy to give you his honest opinion.

What if I become pregnant after a tummy tuck?

Congratulations on the pregnancy! But now what?  Your body will accommodate the growing fetus and may do what it did with any previous pregnancies. This includes allowing the tissue (fascia) between the ab muscles (rectus abdominis) to stretch which produces “rectus diastasis” or “diastasis recti”. Depending on the type of tummy tuck plastic surgery you had (rectus plication or mesh for hernia repair), there is a chance that this repair could fail and you would develop similar issues that you had before your tummy tuck surgery. Additionally, skin on the belly will stretch again and with or without significant weight loss, you may develop some skin redundancy again.  Dr. Albright, one of the best tummy tuck doctors and tummy tuck surgeons, may need to perform a touch up to return you to your prepregnancy result.

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Tummy Tuck
“ I had two Singleton pregnancies and my last pregnancy was twins measuring at 47 weeks. I pumped for 43 months total. I am beyond happy with my results. He did an AMAZING job and I am still in shock!! ”
Tummy Tuck  
“ Dr. Albright was very professional and, knowledgeable as well as very nice, caring and patient. He answered all of my questions (which I had many). I never felt like he was hurried. The office staff were kind and caring (and a good sense of humor) as well. I had a tummy tuck. I could not wait to get rid of the excess skin from having twins. Dr. Albright did a fantastic job. I had tears when I saw my new stomach! I look and feel better than ever! Recommendation is a definite--YES!! ”
Cathy L
Tummy Tuck / Liposuction / Implant Replacement
“ My motivation is to feel the best, and look the best I have felt in a long time! I started having children at age 19 and that transformed my body. Now 20 years later, and losing 40 pounds, I am ready to have that self confidence, and body I have not seen in a long time ”
Tummy Tuck  
“ I had fleur de lis abdominoplasty with Dr Albright in March of 2018. Having met with several other surgeons and doing lots of research, I felt certain Dr Albright was my surgeon. He was professional and knowledgeable. He listened to me. I am a massive weight loss patient with an exceedingly nervous husband and Dr Albright made each of us feel safe and comfortable. My results are perfect and I had zero complications and minimal discomfort. I plan to see him again for further skin removal.”
Tummy Tuck  
“ Dr. Albright and his staff are extremely skilled and knowledge. Being a nurse and knowing details about surgical complications and post op infection risks, I wouldn’t go to any other plastic surgeons in town. He absolutely wants the best results and is willing to take the time needed to achieve that goal. Dr. Albright is realistic about expectations and outcomes and takes the time during procedures to do it right. I highly recommend Dr. Albright without reservations. ”
Tummy Tuck  
“ After losing 141 pounds through diet and exercise alone, I was left with an empty, hanging flap of belly skin. Every day, I would look in the mirror, grab my belly skin, and cringe..... Even after losing all that weight, my self-esteem needed a boost. For me, deciding to do the surgery was just as much a journey in mental and physical health as it was losing the weight itself.  Before going through with the surgery, I decided to wait about 1.5-2 years post-weight loss to see how much my skin would bounce back. While a lot of my other body parts bounced back OK, my belly did not. I saw multiple surgeons, many of which tried to up sale every other part of my body or be more invasive than I needed. Dr. Albright did not. He listened to what my needs were and kept treatment conservative. I knew right away I wanted him to do my surgery. He suggested a Fleur De Lys Abdominoplasty, no muscle repair. As you can see by my pictures, the results are phenomenal. They speak for themselves. Its like I'm a whole new person. I enjoy running now, I feel confident in my clothing and swimsuits, I feel confident in my body. The results have helped me significantly with self-esteem struggles....a large weight has been lifted off of me (in more ways than one).  The office staff is knowledgeable, pleasant, and always fast and efficient. Dr. Albright himself has the best bedside manner of any surgeon I've ever met. Dr. Albright is highly knowledgeable. I'd say he's artist in this field. I would recommend him, hands down, over any other plastic surgeon. While my recovery was fairly easy and uneventful, anytime I did have concerns or questions, the office or Dr. Albright himself were very fast to respond. I would recommend anyone considering a plastics procedure to visit Dr. Albright and the staff. This procedure has changed my life in so many positive ways, I can't thank Dr. William Albright and staff enough! ”
Tummy Tuck / Breast Reduction
“ Dr. Albright first did a breast reduction for me. I was a 32DDD, more then anything I felt uncomfortable in my “skin”. From the first visit he made me feel very comfortable and confident in his ability. After looking at his past patients before and after I knew he would be the best dr for me. I am SO happy with the results. They are back in place (perky)and exactly the size that best fit my body 32c. Months later he did my tummy tuck. Again I am SO happy w my results. He is a perfectionist! ”
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