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Alamo Plastic Surgery Mission - To provide exceptional value through patient education, honesty, and incredible surgical results.

As a leading board certified plastic surgeon in central Texas, Dr. Albright consistently delivers life-changing surgical results and an exceptional plastic surgery experience for his patients. After training with plastic surgeons from around the world, Dr. Albright wanted to bring his expertise back to his hometown of San Antonio.

After he graduated from UT Austin and UTMB in Galveston with Highest Honors, he was selected for an integrated plastic surgery residency. Plastic surgery goes beyond basic function by optimizing both aesthetics and function. While plastic surgery alters the body, it can also restore the spirit by better aligning one's appearance with their internal self-image and vice versa. This duality of plastic surgery is what initially hooked Dr. Albright and continues to drive him to this day.
Alamo Plastic Surgery Dr. Albright

Alamo Plastic Surgery Mission - To provide incredible results through patient education, empowerment, and exceptional surgical techniques.

As a leading board certified plastic surgeon in central Texas, Dr. Albright consistently delivers life-changing surgical results and an exceptional plastic surgery experience for his patients.  After training with plastic surgeons from around the world, Dr. Albright wanted to bring his expertise back to his hometown of San Antonio.

After he graduated from UT Austin and UTMB in Galveston with Highest Honors, he was selected for an integrated plastic surgery residency. Plastic surgery goes beyond basic function by optimizing both aesthetics and function.  While plastic surgery alters the body, it can also restore the spirit by better aligning one’s appearance with their internal self-image and vice versa. This duality of plastic surgery is what initially hooked Dr. Albright and continues to drive him to this day.

After intense training at Penn State as well as advanced aesthetic training in Brazil, he sought to further improve his results by working as a clinical professor at the University of Iowa.  By teaching fellow surgeons and his patients, he realized the incredible value of education, which has become an integral part and major focus of Dr. Albright’s unique approach to plastic surgery.

Dr. Albright returned to his hometown of San Antonio to start his practice, Alamo Plastic Surgery. Dr. Albright has the passion and expertise to help you achieve your plastic surgery goals.  He looks forward to working with you to develop your individualized plan and give you the confidence needed to make your dreams a reality!

Honors & Recognition
- Voted #1 Best Cosmetic Surgery for San Antonio
- 2021 Scene in S.A. Top Surgeon
- 2021 Super Doctors Rising Stars
- RealSelf Top Doctor
- 2010 Mavis P. Kelsey, MD, Excellence in Medicine Award
- 2010 Herman A Barnett Memorial Award - Outstanding scholarly performance and proficiency in surgery
- 2010 Katherine Parker Gregg Presidential Scholarship

Patient Testimonials
- March 2022 -Ajnes - "The best medical staff I’ve ever worked with! They truly cared about all their patients. I felt like all my questions and concerns were handled. Dr. Albright helped me feel more comfortable and confident then I have ever been. It’s a experience I would do again if I could."
- March 2022 - Aimee - "Dr. Albright and his team are the absolute best. I had several consultations before coming here and Dr. Albright was the only one with amazing bedside manner and a personalized consultation. He is honest, funny, and real about expectations. I felt safe and truly trusted his expertise. I also felt extremely supported during recovery and it was easy to communicate with Dr. Albright and Joey by text message any time. I am extremely happy with my mommy makeover results and would recommend Dr. Albright to anyone."
- March 2022 - Doug - "My experience with Alamo Plastic Surgery, Dr. Albright, and his staff was incredibly positive. I am beyond ecstatic with my results. I had gynecomastia (male breast reduction/removal) and tummy tuck with liposuction after a significant weight loss via gastric sleeve surgery. Dr. Albright was very personable and patient with questions throughout the entire process. Post-surgery he was readily accessible via phone call or text. Overall, my experience was overwhelmingly positive and if you are looking for a great surgeon, I highly recommend Dr. Albright. He and his staff were always very helpful and pleasant. My only regret is that currently I have no reason to visit the office because my recovery has been so smooth and I’m living my new post-life surgery. I suppose that’s the optimal outcome. Thank you, Dr. Albright and staff!"
- February 2022 - Chansamone - "If anyone is looking for the best Breast Augmentation. I really recommend Alamo Plastic Surgery with Dr. William Albright. Him and his team are so amazing. They made my visit so easy and comfortable.  I was so nervous and scared but they made everything go so smooth.  All my questions were answered and they took their time to make sure everything was answered. I loved loved the outcome on my breast augmentation. They are beautiful and exactly what I expected. Please give them a call and I promise you will not be disappointed."
- February 2022 - Poala - "(Translated by Google) Excellent very responsible doctor only does what is best for your body without putting your health at risk! The very kind girls July, Joy, Sofia! Despite my complications, they were always looking out for me at any time regardless of weekends. I couldn't have chosen a better doctor. I don't give them more stars ⭐️ because there are only 5 but I would definitely give them 💯⭐️ I hope to follow my goals thanks to them"
- February 2022 - Stephanie - "Great experience with Dr. Albright and his team!  Highly recommend!!!  I’m almost 10 weeks out from my breast augmentation, and I could not be more thrilled with the results!!  A little about me….I’m 45 years old, mother of two, thin and fit (5’8” and 142 lbs).  I nursed my kids for 5 ½ years straight.  I had a nice breast shape (no lift needed), but my breasts were small with no upper pole volume.  I wanted my breasts to be more proportional with the rest of my body and look good in the top portion of my bikini.  I work out regularly and eat healthy, but there is NO amount of exercise that you can do that will make your breasts larger!  HA!!   Thus, I decided to research doctors in my area for a breast augmentation. The entire process with Dr. Albright’s team from initial consultation to post-op appointments were spot on.  During my initial consultation, Dr. Albright met with me for over an hour.  He took plenty of time to answer all my questions and give me a detailed list of the pros and cons for this type of surgery.  He definitely wanted to make sure I was well informed before making a final decision.  I had a hard time deciding on a final sizing choice though.  I didn’t want them to be too small or too big…Dr. Albright helped me narrow down my choices to two that would fit my narrow frame well but were still within the initial size range I had given him.  I’m super happy with my final sizing choice!  It is perfect for me!!!  He definitely knows what he is doing!  I’m excited to see my final shape at the 4-month mark when I return to Dr. Albright’s office for post-op photos.I interviewed three doctors (2 in San Antonio and 1 in Austin) before making my final decision.  One popular SA doctor doesn’t even meet with patients during the initial consultation but instead uses one of his medical assistants who helps you pick your sizing and answer questions.  This medical assistant couldn’t even answer some of my questions and had to call the doctor while he was in surgery.  Obviously, this office did not give me a very warm and fuzzy feeling.  Wouldn’t patients want to meet with the ACTUAL doctor BEFORE making a final decision to book their surgery?  My sister also helped me narrow down my final doctor choice.  She’s had three breast augmentation surgeries (initial saline, then switch to silicone, and 15 years later, a silicone replacement).  Needless to say, she has done a lot of research over the years.  She chose Dr. Albright from my choices based on his website, teaching experience and patient reviews.I planned my surgery date for the week before Thanksgiving.  This allowed me a week and a half of recovery time before going back to work after Thanksgiving break.  I was still a bit sore even returning back to work at this time, but I took it easy and didn’t overdo it.  Every week hence has been better, and I have had more energy and less tenderness.  At about 8-9 weeks post-op, the tenderness is all but gone.  I’m back to working out again too but taking it a bit easy on the upper chest exercises.If you have any hesitancy about breast augmentation, definitely make an appointment with Dr. Albright anyway.  He will be patient and answer all your questions thoroughly.  You will not regret it!  Actually, you will wish you would have done it sooner!!!"
- January 2022 - Kristal - "My experience at the Alamo Plastic Surgery office has been nothing but top-notch! As soon as you walk in, you understand why they won #1 Best Cosmetic Surgery (Best of San Antonio 2021 Winner). They have earned the outstanding reputation and brand they have created for themselves. Dr. Albright has addressed all my concerns and inquiries. The customer service is exquisite; the follow-up and constant communication have reduced any amount of nervosity I could have experienced. Before my appointments, any questions were answered via text, making it straightforward, and it relieves you from having to hold any questions until your appointment. My suggestion for any patient is to make sure you read the user-friendly documentation Dr. Albright and his team took the time to create for their patients. Everything is there. After researching and finding that 8 of 10 women regret not getting a bigger implant, I decided not to be part of that metric and go for a bigger implant (525 ccs). Dr. Albright and his team went over the expectations of what a bigger implant would entail and the care I would need to have with them (nothing out of the ordinary), and I can not say enough how happy I am with the results. I highly recommend the Alamo Plastic Surgery; I am positive you will have a great experience as I have had."
- January 2022 - Jasmine - "My experience with Dr. Albright and the rest of the staff was everything I wanted and more. Customer service goes along way during a process so important and so personal as cosmetic surgery. They were caring and patient with me every step of the way and made me feel like they too were invested in helping me make the best decision. Even my husband had warm fuzzies the first time I took him to the office. Surgery day went ridiculously smooth.  OR staff was incredible and my recovery was definitely manageable. I am beyond happy with the “Me 2.0”. Not only do I look good but I feel amazing. 10/10 I RECOMMEND."
- January 2022 - Selina - "So I had been looking around for 16 years to get a tummy tuck and Breast augmentation. I was so scared and didn’t know what to expect. I came across Alamo Plastic Surgery on the website and started reviewing the comments. I saw nothing but great comments and thought hey this might be the place to go. Well let me tell you that Dr Albright and his team from day one of the consultation till after surgery and still till now has been the best experience ever. They answered all of my questions and concerns and are quick to respond if you ever need them. I loving my results so far and couldn’t be any happier. I would definitely recommend you going to see Dr Albright and his staff if your looking into doing any cosmetic surgeries."
- January 2022 - Stephanie - "There is so much I could say about Dr. Albright.. His assistants...the facility.. surgery.. anesthesia.. recovery and post op. If I did, I would probably run out of space. Let me just put It to you straight.. I have had MANY Surgeries in the past.. NONE were as amazing as this experience. I always felt important.. Dr. Albright sets aside time to explain EVERYTHING..the time he took drawing me up prior to surgery.. I almost passed out 2x.. he was patient and so understanding. The surgery went so smoothly.. I do not remember anything from the 1st day. The constant communication from staff during recovery was so amazing. Lastly my results.. I am so Amazed. I was not an easy patient.. but Dr. Albright did his thing!   Do not think twice.. DO IT!! You will NOT regret it!But be patient.. the process is NOT immediate. Beauty takes time!!! Trust it!! Trust Dr. ALBRIGHT"
- December 2021 - Yulissa - "(Translated by Google) Excellent experience that I had was breast augmentation, I am happy with my results, I have 5 months of my surgery, they are all very kind and attentive, I love it."
- December 2021 - Erin - "Dr. Albright and his team are awesome at what they do. They are super professional, and ensure their patients are well taken care not only during the initial consultation but throughout the whole process. I had gone to other consultations before Dr. Albright but I felt so comfortable as soon as I walked in that I knew he was going to be the one I chose. All my questions were answered and anytime something came up his team was quick to respond. I am 5 weeks post breast augmentation and I’m loving my results, I highly recommend Alamo Plastic Surgery!!"
- December 2021 - Jahaida - "I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon, Dr. Albright’s work is honestly incredible; he was able to give me the results I always dreamed with (but thought were impossible to achieve) while making the recovery process feel like a breeze! Him and his team’s care are like no other, they are truly the best! My experience from beginning to end has been nothing but AMAZING! They’ve been there before, during, and after surgery answering all my concerns 24/7 no matter how ridiculous they seemed always making sure I felt comfortable and happy at all times. They have exceeded my expectations and I absolutely love the outcome! HIGHLY RECOMMEND❤️✨"
- December 2021 - Alicia - "Dr. Albright and his staff were beyond professional and took great care in the coordination and execution of my procedure. It took me over 6 years to finally decide which doctor I’d trust enough for surgery, and I, without a doubt, made the best decision. Everything was very straight forward and moved with ease from consultation to post-op care. Everyone feels more like friends than anything else. I definitely recommend Dr. Albright and his team for anyone looking for honest, trustworthy, and skilled surgical procedures. This was one of the best experiences and decisions I’ve ever made!"
- December 2021 - Sierranbj - "Dr. William Albright will change your life he and his staff are super helpful friendly everything you need he's so professional not to mention he's the number one plastic surgeon in San Antonio he is a life-changer and I'm so grateful 4 everything he has done for me I have had the best results for my tummy tuck I look and feel a million times better than before thank you Doctor Albright"
- November 2021 - Stephanie - "DR. Albright and his staff are Absolutely Amazing! From the very first moment you step into the office you know you are in GREAT hands. The entire process was explained so clearly. They never make you feel like you are just another patient. I have had constant contact with Dr Albright and his wonderful staff since the day of surgery. NOW the results????? THEY are Phenomenal! I was not an easy case.. but Dr Albright killed it. I not only feel Amazing.. I look Amazing!! I would Never go anywhere else for beauty enhancement surgery!! Definitely worth every penny!"
- November 2021 - Joey - Dr. Albright is the absolute best plastic surgeon. I am so grateful that I chose him for my breast augmentation. From my initial consultation to now being 1 week post op I know I made the right choice with Dr. Albright. I went to multiple consultations and had a gut feeling that Dr. Albright could deliver the results I wanted. He was thorough when discussing my options and truly cared to address any concerns I had while also taking the time to ensure he knew what my expectations were. Dr. Albright is a perfectionist and made sure sizing was appropriate with my body size and shape. I had no reservations going into the surgery and I was so excited to see my results.  On the day of surgery I was treated with the best bedside manner from everyone at the hospital, the nurses, anesthesiologist, and Dr. Albright made me feel comfortable and calm going into surgery. I am already in love with my results and I know they will only continue to get better as the healing process continues. From start to finish, it has been a great and easy process thanks to Juli and Joey at Alamo Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Albright for his expertise in plastic surgery. I would do the process all over again! I am so thankful that Dr. Albright delivered the results I have always wanted!!!"
- November 2021 - Mandy - "It took me over a year to make this decision…. Breast lift with augmentation. I’m so glad I didn’t rush it. I had two consultations. First was a disappointment felt like I was being rushed to make my decision rite there and then. My second consultation was Dr. Albright. Let me just say he was very knowledgeable took the time to explain to me the process of what I needed to get what I wanted. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait for my date. I had my procedure September 1, 2021. I am 6 weeks post-op. I am so impressed with my outcome. If you are looking for breast augmentation, breast lift etc… You will not be disappointed with Dr. Albright. Make your choice wisely it’s your body remember no one should rush you to make a life decision."
- November 2022 - Sara - "I had the best experience with Dr. Albright and everyone at Alamo Plastic Surgery and cannot recommend them enough. I did a lot of research beforehand and felt confident that Dr. Albright's care and technique was going to give me the best results. My results are everything I have dreamed of for years and am excited to have a plastic surgeon I trust for any future procedures. I had a great healing experience with beautiful results and love that I could reach out for help from the office anytime before, during, or after my procedure. I would absolutely recommend anyone go to Dr. Albright! Five stars just doesn't seem like enough!"

Real Self Top DoctorAmerican Board of Plastic SurgeryHealthgrades Honor RollAlpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
Alamo Plastic Surgery San Antonio TX | Juli Albright | Patient Care Coordinator


Joey is our Office Coordinator who works tirelessly to provide an incredible plastic surgery experience from start to finish. Joey provides personalized postoperative care to all of our surgical patients. Having worked alongside Dr. Albright in the Operating Room you can rest assured knowing you'll receive the best postoperative guidance.

Favorite aspect of her job: Giving patients the confidence to "take the plunge" and commit to improving their lives.

Alamo Plastic Surgery San Antonio TX | Juli Albright | Patient Care Coordinator


Juli is our Patient Care Coordinator and a true asset to our surgical team.  She helps navigate patients through their office visits and surgical journey. She is passionate about improving the patient experience and helping Alamo Plastic Surgery deliver the highest level of quality care.

Favorite aspect of her job: Chatting with patients who are “THRILLED” with their results.

Exceptional. Compassionate. Trusted.

Testimonial photoTop score Alamo Institute of Plastic Surgery
Breast Augmentation
“ Dr. Albright spent a great deal of time to explain pros and cons and the best options that would benefit me the most regarding my breast augmentation. The best place to go for honest and open discussions, reality vs misconceptions and the confidence of feeling better about oneself. Highly recommend!”
Breast Augmentation
“I recently had breast augmentation, and I am so pleased with my results. He spent a great deal of time explaining my options, listening to what I wanted, and providing his opinion. I visited other surgeons in the area and didn’t feel any of the others listened or cared quite like Dr. Albright.  Not only do I recommend Dr. Albright, hospital nurses commented to me that he is the best!”

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