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Breast Reconstruction

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Patient 361

This patient received her cancer diagnosis soon after her husband's death, and decided to wait on reconstruction. Now at 44 years old, she is dating and wanted her breasts back. After expander placement under the muscle to stretch the skin, she underwent exchange for SRX 495cc implants with fat grafting. She was ECSTATIC with her result!

Patient 357

After multiple attempts at lumpectomy to remove a left breast cancer, this 49 year old just wanted to not have to worry about remaining breast cancer, and decided to proceed with mastectomy. 2 month after second stage breast surgery with fat graft (left breast total submuscular, right breast partial submuscular conversion) SSF520cc implants.

Patient 367

A 42 year old CrossFit athlete was not happy with her contracted 'unnatural' breasts. 4 months after two revisions (first: removal of ruptured implant, placed SCF325cc implant, capsule and fold revision, and fat graft; second: Reset Left fold, scar revision, and repeat fat graft). She reports she "will not go to another plastic surgeon" for her breast care!

Patient 360

This 52 year old was not satisfied with her first plastic surgeon, and came to Dr. Albright to finish her care. 9 months after removal of expanders, exchange for permanent implants (full profile 560cc on left and extra full 650cc on right), fat grafting, and scar revision. A beautiful result, and she was grateful to have Dr. A help her through this difficult time.

Patient 366

This spunky 50 year old with breast augmentation, now had right breast cancer. Her goals were breast symmetry and maintain size. 2 months after her right breast expander exchange for silicone implant SSF695 and left breast remove and replace SSM345 silicone implant and breast lift. She was extremely happy with her symmetry.

Patient 356

At 46 years old, this active, thin patient wanted to keep her nipples and get more volume in her breasts. Two months after second stage exchange prepectoral expanders for permanent implants (Allergan cohesive moderate projection 330cc silicone implants) and fat grafting. She is very happy with her more youthful and rejuvenated breasts.

Patient 358

This patient had a tight painful ruptured right subpectoral breast implant. She wanted to improve her symptoms and lighten her load! 4 months after remove and replace right silicone implant with prepectoral conversion, and left side implant removal with breast lift and autoaugmentation flap. No fat grafting. She reports the surgery "changed her life"!

Patient 359

This 60 year old had a breast cancer gene mutation, and multiple previous cosmetic breast surgeries. 4 months after prepectoral conversion immediate direct to extra-full projection silicone implant reconstruction. Her husband was thankful there was no cancer present, and also confided that her breasts looked better after her the reconstruction!

Patient 362

This extremely fitness-focused 66 year old was considering no reconstruction. However, after offering a ONE surgery reconstruction, she decided to go forward. Several months after immediate partial submuscular direct to permanent implant reconstruction with Mentor round moderate profile 200cc silicone implants and no fat grafting.

Patient 363

As a professional massage therapist, this 40 year old did not want implants under the muscle. 4 months after prepectoral direct to permanent implant breast reconstruction with 520cc SCF implants and bell pattern resection. ONE SURGERY, and No fat grafting! She is thrilled with her results and grateful to be back at work without any limitations.

Patient 364

With left breast cancer, this 64 year old patient wanted to keep her native right breast, and was concerned about symmetry. 1 year after two-stage reconstruction: first stage right breast lift, left breast prepectoral expander; second stage exchange for permanent silicone implant (SCF 450cc), and fat grafting. She is very satisfied with her symmetry.

Patient 365

This 33 year old healthcare professional was not satisfied with the size and shape of her breasts, as well as implant rippling. 1 year after removal of implants (SRF 450cc), replacement with new SSF 520cc silicone implants and fat grafting. She and her husband are both more satisfied with the feel and look of her breasts.

Patient 368

As a discerning healthcare professional, this 52 year old patient knew who to go to for reconstruction. She desired smaller and lifted breasts. 4 months after two stage prepectoral reconstruction with Wise pattern skin removal, and SCF 650cc implants with fat grafting. She reports the surgery was better than she thought was possible.

Patient 369

This 44 year old had a high risk of breast cancer. She wanted to keep her nipples and get more fullness at the same time. 3 months after prepectoral direct to permanent implant reconstruction (ONE SURGERY ONLY!) with SSX 560cc implants. She was extremely satisfied with her augmentation-like result!

Patient 371

This 42 year old patient needed her breasts removed, and wanted to look like she had a breast augmentation. 2 months after staged exchange of prepectora expanders for permanent implants (Allergan Soft Touch round extra full projection 615cc silicone implants) and fat grafting. She is now wearing larger bras and bikini tops at the pool!

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