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11 Questions Patients Wish They Asked During Their Plastic Surgery Consultation
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11 Questions Patients Wish They Asked During Their Plastic Surgery Consultation

Written by
Juli Albright
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.

11 Questions Patients Wish They Asked During Their Plastic Surgery Consultation

Are you planning to having plastic surgery in San Antonio? Have you thoroughly researched you plastic surgeon to ensure he / she will deliver the results you expect? Do you understand

From patient feedback, these are some of the questions patients wish they asked or researched before moving forward with surgery.

1. What do your negative reviews say?

Typically patients will research their plastic surgeon to ensure they are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, look at reviews, and before and after photos. Often plastic surgeons will have 200 - 400 reviews on Google or RealSelf. It is very rare that they have below a four star rating. You should sort the reviews based on the one star review. It will typically tell you the negative feedback on the surgeon. If consistent negative feedback, you know this may be something to expect if you move forward with that plastic surgeon.

2. How many revisions do you do?

This should include dog ears, scar revision, breast implant revision, etc.

3. How Many of x procedures do you perform Monthly? Please show me photos.

You want to make sure the plastic surgeon is routinely doing the procedure you are interested in (breast augmentation, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, etc.).

4. Do you have Hospital Privileges? If yes, then which Hospital Systems?

One of the initial questions you should ask your plastic surgeon at the consultation is where they will perform your procedure. In some cases the surgeon may perform the cosmetic procedure at a their own surgical center. In this case, you should ask if they have privileges at local hospitals as well. If they do not, this is a red flag. They should have privileges in case of emergencies.

5. What percentage of Surgeries have Infections?

Infections can delay your recovery and lead to inferior results.

6. How many dog ears have you fixed?

Dog ears are a natural consequence of tummy tuck surgery. In most cases, plastic surgeons can minimize them so they are not a nuisance. Typically, plastic surgeons will have a rule about what they will fix for free and what would require additional payment to fix. You should ask about this up front so you understand your plastic surgeon's policy.

7. Any upcoming sales or discounts?

Most reputable plastic surgeons do not offer sales or discounts. They want you to book with them because they are the best surgeon for you not due to pressure sales tactics.

8. What are your after hours policies?

Typically plastic surgeons will be available 24-7 either through the office number or a personal cell phone. They should be available if there is any urgent issues.

9. How are umbilical hernias treated?

Many women after having children have umbilical hernias. You should ask your plastic surgeon how these may be treated.

10. Is Mons Lift included? How will this change my vagina?

In some cases if there is loose skin in the Mons area, your plastic surgeon may recommend a Mons Lift in addition to the Tummy Tuck. You should discuss this further with your plastic surgeon.

11. What does all inclusive mean?

Typically the quote you receive from the surgeon will include the surgeon's fee, anesthesia, surgery facility fee and any implants. What they usually do not include is prior lab work, mammograms, pathology, or post-operative garments or supplies. If you have any questions, make sure to ask.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, there are several things you need to determine and understand about your surgeon, the facility, surgery, and everything after the surgery. The more clear vision and expectations you will have about your surgery, the more satisfied you will be post-surgery. So, make sure to dig into every aspect of the plastic surgery process to make the best decision for you.

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Written by
Juli Albright

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