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How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery
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How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery

Written by
Juli Albright
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.

How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery is a surgery you want done RIGHT the first time. It is imperative to research your surgeon to make sure they are very qualified specifically for the procedure you are interested in. Our mission at Alamo Plastic Surgery (specializing in breast and body) is to provide incredible results through patient education, empowerment, and exceptional surgical techniques!

1. Look at Plastic Surgeons Online

- 5 Star Online Reviews  

Check Google, RealSelf, and Healthgrades reviews on the plastic surgeon. On RealSelf you can look for Verified doctors which indicates they have good reviews and are skilled in plastic surgery. You really want someone with a 5 Star rating. Multiple poor reviews indicate the surgeon is not good.

- Review Before and After Photos

This is just as critical as the reviews. The surgeons should have awesome before and afters on their website for the procedure you are interested in. Bonus points if they have descriptions of the patient and surgeries performed. Check out this blog article on what to look for in Before and After Photos. Key points are to ensure implants are level, nipples are symmetrical, and breast size is equal, scars look good, and belly buttons are not askew. Many plastic surgeons will hide scars in before and afters. Make sure you see some before and afters at different times to understand what their scars look like. I started looking 6 months ago when I started helping with the practice and was totally overwhelmed. This is normal so I put together a guide to help you.

- Absolutely Ensure Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified

This is an absolute MUST. You may be surprised that a surgeon is not certified, but it is a huge red flag. There are surgeons in San Antonio who advertise as plastic surgeons who are not Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Be very wary. You can easily verify through this link.

2. Book Consultations!

Choose two to three plastic surgeons in your area and schedule consultations based on your research above. Check consultation fees. Make sure to ask if the consultation is complimentary and directly with the surgeon. Your consultation should be with the surgeon. Alamo Plastic Surgery offers $25 consultations mainly because we want you to have an opportunity to speak with Dr. Albright to educate you on the procedure. We encourage people to go to at least two consultations so they can make sure the plan the plastic surgeon suggests is sound and meets their cosmetic goals. Some may have a small fee to hold your appointment and to cover the doctor’s time. Although the fees can add up, it is worth the peace of mind to know you’ve picked the surgeon best suited to meet your goals.

3. Bring a Friend to the Consultation

The consultation may feel a little overwhelming so often a friend is great for moral support!

We also recommend similar to go to the hair stylist for a new cut or color you should also bring pictures to your plastic surgeon.  Swimsuit photos are fine as it will let your surgeon know how much cleavage, curviness of your waist, or butt projection you want. Your plastic surgeon can match your goals to realistic expectations to come up with a amazing plan.  

4. Questions to Ask at the Consultation

  • Has the plastic surgeon experienced complications with the surgery? What are they?
  • Do you use drains for the surgery?
  • What is the typical postoperative pain care regimen?
  • What should I expect during recovery?
  • Breast Augmentation - Do they recommend subglandular, partial subglandular, or total submuscular implant placement?
  • Breast Augmentation - What implant type do they recommend?
  • Breast Augmentation - What size implant do they recommend?
  • If there are complications, how are they handled and what costs could be incurred?
  • Where is the operation performed? Although it can be done safely, you may want to think twice about surgeons performing major procedures in their office. Unfortunately, complications are sometimes ignored or dismissed at an office without proper treatment capabilities, versus at a surgical center or hospital, where complications are monitored and may need to be reported to the state. Surgery at a hospital or surgical center may also ensure additional competent medical support if it becomes necessary.

5. Quote

Many surgeons will tell you to put a down payment on the procedure at the consultation for 10% discount. Don't fall for this pressure sales tactic!!!!
  • Unfortunately there are many bad sales tactics that plastic surgeons use. Do not fall for pressure sales. It is a major RED FLAG.
  • Quotes should break out surgeons fees, implant cost (silicone more expensive than saline), anesthesia, and surgery center fees.
  • Ask about financing options. At Alamo Plastic Surgery we offer Care Credit and Patient Fi. With Patient Fi you can finance the whole procedure for up to three years.
  • You should review the quotes from the other consultations and go with who you think is best for the price!
Written by
Juli Albright

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