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5 Things Men Ask for when They Go for Plastic Surgery
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5 Things Men Ask for when They Go for Plastic Surgery

Written by
Juli Albright
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.

5 Things Men Ask for When They Go for Plastic Surgery

You might not know, but since the last decade, and increasing number of men are opting for cosmetic procedures.  Like women, men also have pressure to look young and attractive. From social media posts to job interviews, men sometimes want to spruce up their look.

Although our desires to look young or have artificially enhanced features may seem new, the concept of body modification is not new. Yes, you can say that techniques, trends, and tools have upgraded with time. We human beings have always searched for best practices to improve or change our appearances. Plus, the aesthetic goals have changed across centuries and cultures over time.

Narrow waist, teeth correction , teeth whitening, hair transplants etc. are common practices. However, for men gynecomastia, male liposuction, and tummy tucks were not as common. It is becoming more common and popular for men to request to become a better version of themselves.

Read the article to know what 5 things men ask their plastic surgeons before their procedure.

5 Things Men Ask Plastic Surgeons

Here are the most common questions that men ask their doctor before their plastic surgery.


Men usually ask for the amount of time the procedure will take. They also want to know how many days for recovery. As we are living in a busy world, everyone wants quick results. But it is important to understand that surgical methods are not simple.

If you want to opt for plastic surgery, you will need to go for a consultation and pre-operative appointment. Both should be with the plastic surgeon performing your procedure. In these appointments, your plastic surgeon may ask you about your medical history and request further labs to ensure you are healthy for a cosmetic procedure. Then the surgery itself takes a couple of hours. Apart from this, depending on your choice of plastic surgery, the recovery process may take days or even weeks.

Perfect Body

Surprisingly, while women are more focused on improving their facial features, men are more concerned about their bodies. Hence, men usually opt for body contouring and fat reduction when it comes to non-surgical methods. On the other hand, in the case of surgical methods, they go for male breast reduction, liposuction, and body lifts.

Whether they choose surgical or non-surgical methods, the primary goal is to look more attractive and appealing than before.

Natural Results

Natural results are the most common concern of both males and females. Generally, no patient wants their plastic surgery to be noticeable. This is more true for males. Almost every man wants to look as natural as possible so that no one can notice that they have undergone plastic surgery. This is something that only a good plastic surgeon can help you achieve.

Suppose, if you want a nose job, you need to choose a plastic surgeon who has a specialization in rhinoplasty. Additionally, this type of surgery depends on your preferences that what type of look you want. So, it’s important to pick a surgeon who can understand your desires and preferred outcomes.

No Pain

When it comes to aesthetic treatment, pain is something that you have to endure in any case. Most men are concerned about pain management.

Men usually ask that how much this procedure hurts. They don't want to experience pain for beauty, as they don’t have high pain tolerance. This is why some of the new surgical methods are getting popular because of being pain-free. However, you need to understand that avoiding pain is not possible in some cases.

Younger Look

As we have mentioned, men want to look younger. Besides that, men also want to look healthier and attractive. But they mostly try to opt for non-surgical methods over surgical ones. Of course, when they are not able to find the method for their particular goal, they have to opt for surgical methods.

No matter whether they choose a surgical or non-surgical method, the procedure should be something that can give them permanent results and a younger appearance.

What to Expect After the Surgery?

After you opt for plastic surgery and undergone the method, you still need to consider several factors. You will need to think about your care, resting time, medicines, and much more. The days or even weeks after your surgery are vital for you if you want good final results. This is why it is crucial to follow the exact guidelines of the plastic surgeon. It will also help you limit the risk and complications regarding your surgery.

For the recovery, your doctor may suggest you the following things.

·      Wearing tight compression garments or bandages

·      Taking some time off from work

·      Staying out of the sun

·      Getting enough rest

·      Avoiding strenuous exercise, sport, activity, and sex

·      Saying no to cigarettes and alcohol

However, cosmetic surgeons understand that it is challenging for men, who are considered tough, to stay in bed for days or weeks or to ask for help. Some studies have even shown that men avoid talking about their pain and also deny it. But it is important to understand that if you reject help, you may suffer during the recovery. This is because, in some surgeries, you may also need assistance for walking.

To avoid any post-operative issues, it's vital to hire someone or ask your friend or family to help you, both emotionally or physically. You will need help for at least a week after the surgery. If you get proper rest and help, you will improve quickly and recover in a short span of time. You will also get the results that you are looking for.

Bottom Line

So, now you know the common questions men ask before plastic surgery. But don’t avoid opting for the procedure only if it can cause pain or may need a longer time for recovery. This is just a matter of some time.

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Written by
Juli Albright

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