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5 Tips for Nipple Reduction
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5 Tips for Nipple Reduction

Written by
Juli Albright
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.

5 Tips for Nipple Reduction

What Is A Nipple Reduction?

Nipple reduction, also called nipple correction surgery, is a cosmetic surgery to decrease the size of the nipple as well as change the shape of both or one nipple or areola. Moreover, "puffy nipple" and "inverted nipple" are the most common problems that you can get fixed through this method.

This surgery has the ability to reduce both the width and the size of the nipple, reshape your areola to convert it into your desired form, and treat the shape and size asymmetric in the surrounding nipple. Every surgery regarding the nipple aims to preserve sensation and restore a balanced look. You can also choose to get the nipple surgery done alone under anesthesia. Or get it done with a combination of other procedures by giving general anesthesia, such as breast lift, breast reduction, mommy makeover, and breast augmentation.

The exceptional team at Alamo Plastic Surgery, one of the best board - certified plastic surgeons in San Antonio, can help you discuss your aesthetic concerns and pick any of the several surgical options available for you.

1. Why Would You Need A Nipple Reduction?

The basic reason for opting for the nipple reduction is purely cosmetic. Generally, patients who want nipple surgery are obviously not happy with the appearance of their nipples and wish for a change. However, there can be more reasons why people pick this procedure for themselves. These include:

·      Nipples are too big

·      Nipples are too long

·      Sagging nipples

·      Damaged or stretched nipples after breastfeeding

·      Properly visible nipples underneath the clothing

·      Asymmetric nipples

·      The areola is extremely large in diameter

Incase of too small and inverted nipples, your surgeon will go for the different techniques and methods to get it into the right shape. For inverted nipples, your doctor would release the fibers, forcing them to incline inwardly and bringing your nipples back to their natural position.

2. Tips to Find the Best Surgeon

If you want to find the best cosmetic surgeon, you need to collect information about the practice, surgery center, and the doctor. Here are some tips that you can use to find the best doctor for your surgery.

Look for Expertise

All qualified plastic surgeons have certification at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is because it is a highly complex field that requires a year of training and education. Board certification also helps you determine whether the physicians fulfill all the safety standards and have the medical proficiency needed.

Look for Experience

In addition to education and training, your surgeons also require enough experience to perform the kind of surgery you are considering. Some surgeons have specialization in specific procedures. Make sure that your procedure type is in their specialty. An excellent rule of thumb is that your medical expert should have practiced your preferred method one or more times each week for up to five years. As discussed, plastic surgery is one of the most complex techniques which need a surgeon in practice. So, if your doctor has performed the procedure several hundred times with similar successful outcomes, this should be a good start.

Look for Exceptional Results

When people think about nipple reduction surgery, they only visualize the results they are hoping to get. However, the fact is that not every plastic surgery gives your desired outcomes. When you ensure that your surgeon has both the experience and the expertise, you are on the right way to choosing the perfect doctor. That said, they also need to produce exceptional results. Generally, plastic surgeons have before and after pictures, which you should examine. Make sure to look for at least two pictures taken in the past year.

Look for Communication Level

Having the best communication level between a surgeon and patient is critical. Your surgeon needs to understand what results you are looking for. In that case, they should have the ability to consider your concerns and help you get out of your insecurities and worries. They also need to understand your preferences so that you can get the results you are looking for in the end.

3. What to Expect During the Procedure?

Areola reduction surgery is a straightforward and easy procedure that takes approximately 1 hour (if not combined with another surgery). Besides that, your surgery may take place in a local hospital or your surgeon’s clinic.

When you reach your destination, your nurse will:

·      Ask you to wear a hospital gown.

·      Check your blood pressure.

·      Inject an intravenous line. Patients also get medication to help them feel relax. They also receive another medication to put them to sleep.

·      Place electrodes to monitor your heart rate throughout the surgery.

·      Ask you whether you have fasted (if needed).

Furthermore, before the process begins, you will have the chance to discuss your concerns and ask questions. The anesthesiologist will inject a local anesthetic or prepare general anesthesia.

The following are the methods that your doctor will perform during the surgery.

·      Your surgeon will cut out extra skin.

·      They will use sutures to attach the nipple to the surface to reduce the height or width.

·      If only the width of the nipple needs reduction, your doctor will sutures back the skin on the circumference of the nipple (hides scars)

·      Your surgeon will apply surgical dressings or place a special post surgical bra.

If your doctor has given you a local anesthetic, you can go home right after the surgery. On the other hand, if you get general anesthesia, you need to rest for few hours in the clinic or hospital while your surgeon monitors you.

4. What can you Expect during Recovery?

Recovering from the nipple reduction surgery is comparatively rapid than other cosmetic surgeries. Although you may suffer slightly from bruising and swelling, generally, you can get back to your work after one or two days (assuming no other procedures).

Your doctor will ask you to expect the following things in the recovery process.

·      You will feel an increase in pain when you will have your first post surgical period.

·      You need to take over-the-counter pain relievers such as Advil or ibuprofen.

·      You need to wear a soft sports bra or a surgical bra for several weeks.

·      You need to refrain from sex in the first week.

·      You have to avoid physical chest contact for three to four weeks.

·      You need to avoid lifting heaving items or performing any intensive cardio for few weeks.

Does Nipple Reduction Affect Breast-Feeding?

No matter why you have chosen a nipple reduction procedure, breastfeeding usually doesn't get affected. This is because the milk ducts remain in their position, which allows the natural milk flow. So, there will be no problem if you don’t have any trouble prior to the surgery.

However, women who want to breastfeed after the surgery need to ask their physician whether the nipple will be moved or removed. The more your milk ducts and nipple remains attached, the more you have the possibility to breastfeed after the surgery. Fortunately, your surgeon can reattach the milk ducts, but it can impact the production of milk.

5. How Much Does Nipple Reduction Surgery Cost?

The cost of nipple surgery depends on several factors, such as your geographical location. Additionally, the major factor is the kind of procedure you are opting for.

Hence, if you are combining it with breast reduction and lift, the cost will be a little more expensive. But itself, nipple reduction cost you around $2,000 -$5,000.You also need to understand that insurance does not cover the cost of nipple surgery. Some practices provide you with payment plans that help you afford the treatment.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, a nipple reduction surgery aims to help you resize or reshape your nipple in your desired way. You can make it look just like you want, small or big. The best part is that the procedure is not too lengthy and takes not more than few hours. You can also start your regular working schedule after a day or two. But you need to avoid few things mentioned in the article, like lifting heavy objects to avoid any problems.

Additionally, make sure to choose a surgeon who has the experience, skills, knowledge, education, and communication ability. This will help you get the best possible outcome of your surgery. Lastly, the most important advice we like to give you is to discuss your surgery with a physician or surgeon. You need to tell them about your preferences and concerns. By communicating everything, you can both help each other produce exceptional results.

Written by
Juli Albright

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