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Aging Skin Fixed With Liposuction of Tummy Tuck?
Tummy Tuck

Aging Skin Fixed With Liposuction of Tummy Tuck?

Written by
Juli Albright
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.

Aging Skin Fixed with Liposuction or Tummy Tuck

If you are thinking about a tummy tuck in San Antonio, you may wish to know whether a tummy tuck or liposuction is right for you. This article provides a little background on both procedures for your reference.

As you may know that there are millions of little elastic fibers present in your skin. These fibers continuously disappear with your age. This is why your skin doesn't automatically recover when it becomes stretched because of any reason (example pregnancy). Moreover, without these fibers, pulling your tummy’s skin back to its firm and taut shape will lead to an expanded surface area. This means that your skin is continuously growing, even it is losing more and more elastic fibers with time, which are responsible for keeping the skin layer small and tight. Since the skin layer is growing, it will gather and hang, forming different types of shadows and ripples.

It becomes even worse every time you get pregnant. This is because the rapid stretching and expansion of the skin cause more damage to the elastic fibers. Unfortunately, this expansion is so stressful for skin that the dermis’ deeper layer tears, forming what we call stretch marks. This is the primary reason why some people don't get the desired outcome from liposuction. Without removing the excess skin, liposuction can make the skin laxity worse. So, if your skin has lost its elasticity, you need to opt for a tummy tuck as it reduces the excess fat and makes you look slim and fit.

Who is a Good Candidate?

People usually think that both liposuction and tummy tuck are the best options for achieving cosmetic goals. But it is best to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon in San Antonio as these methods work great for different people.


It is best for people who only want to remove a small amount of fat deposits present in your buttock, thighs, hip, and stomach area.

This method will cut down the fat deposits on the required area, improving contour and reducing bulges. However, no credible cosmetic surgeon will recommend liposuction as a weight loss method.

Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is a method that helps you remove excess fat as well as excess skin. Pregnancy, aging, or fluctuating weight can stretch out your skin that covers your stomach. This procedure can help you restore your appearance by giving you a contoured and flat midsection. The tummy tuck also brings back the abdominal muscles or rectus abdominus if they get separated or stretched with weight gain and pregnancies. Hence, it is best for people who want to reduce their stretched stomachs.

However, this method is not ideal for you if.

·      You are thinking of getting pregnant in the future.

·      Your BMI is more than 30.

·      You have any chronic heart disease.

·      You are continuously trying to lose weight.

What is the Procedure Like?

Plastic surgeons perform both of these procedures.


Typically general anesthesia is used although for small areas local anesthesia may be used. An anesthesiologist will typically sedate you for the procedure.

After you are asleep, your doctor will start the process and make small incisions at the place of your fat deposits. Next, your surgeon will move a thin tube, known as a cannula, underneath your skin, as this helps them to loosen the fat cells. Afterward, they will use a medical vacuum to take out the dislodged fat.

Tummy Tuck

In this procedure, your doctor will make you sleep with the help of general anesthesia. After you unconscious, they will make a small incision in your skin that is present over the abdominal wall.

The plastic surgeon will reach to your muscles and sew the muscles in the abdominal wall incase your muscles are greatly stretched. After that, your surgeon will tightly pull your skin over the abdomen, cut out the excess skin, and close the opening with sutures.

For only excision tummy tuck the procedure will only take three hours but if combined with liposuction it can take over six hours.

What Results Can You Expect?


Patients who opt for liposuction for removing their abdominal fat deposits get more portioned and flatter midsection after recovering from the surgery. These results should be for your entire life.

But according to a study, after a year of the surgery, if you gain weight, fat will recollect in your body put will typically avoid the areas of liposuction.

Tummy Tuck

When it comes to a tummy tuck, it will give your permanent results. Your abdominal wall is stronger and more stable. The best part is that the removed excess skin and fat will never grow back unless you get pregnant or experience great weight fluctuations. Both of these problems can stretch out the area again.

What is the Recovery Process of Both Methods?

The recovery processes of both surgeries are significantly different from each other.


In this surgery, the recovery time will depend on the areas gone through the surgery. Additionally, if you want additional liposuction, the recovery time will extend.

After the surgery, you will experience:

·      Bleeding and draining at the site of your incisions.

·      Swelling at the site of your fat removal.

Your doctors may suggest you wear a compression garment in order to decrease swelling. It will also help your skin to heal quickly. You can also resume your daily activities (no exercise) 48 hours after the surgery. However, your surgeon will recommend you avoid doing strenuous activities and lifting heavy items.

Tummy Tuck

When you wake up, you can see the surgical dressing on your entire incision, which your doctor will suggest to change several times in the course of recovery. You will also need to wear a belly binder or compression garment.

Within a day, you will be able to walk, but with assistance to prevent blood clots formation. You also need to take prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers to lower discomfort and pain. Surgical drains will also stay on your stomach for at least two weeks.

Moreover, the initial recovery time of the tummy tuck will take around six weeks. In the meantime, you have to visit your doctor for follow-up appointments. During this entire period, you need to avoid doing any extensive and heavy activity to prevent infection risk. You also need to stay away from doing exercise and other challenging tasks until you get completely healed. Your plastic surgeon will guide you on the right time to start walking exercise.

Bottom line

So, now you may understand that liposuction is not ideal for people looking for a permanent solution. It is also not great for people who have excess skin. Although tummy tuck may need more recovery time, the results are exceptional and permanent. So, if you want to reduce your stretched skin and cut down fat deposits, you need to opt for tummy tuck with liposuction surgery. If you are confused, just discuss your concerns with an expert plastic surgeon in San Antonio to make the right decision for yourself.

Written by
Juli Albright

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