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Breast Implant Migration Factors?
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Breast Implant Migration Factors?

Written by
Dr. William Albright
Dr. William Albright is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast and body procedures.
Dr. William Albright is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast and body procedures.

Breast Implant Migration Factors⁉

There are several different forces 👨🔬on implants that are either pushing or pulling the implant around. It is so important in planning your breast augmentation surgery to ensure your plastic surgeon is taking into account those forces and as necessary countering them so the implants are in a relatively stable position. For the full YouTube video please see link below:

Implant Forces

1. Gravity

Implants are objects with mass and gravity will try and pull the implant down.  Important to note the heavier the mass or implant the more likely the implant is to drop with time.

2. Skeleton Shape

This is very under appreciated factor in breast implant surgery today.  If your rib cage is flat, the implants will sit “correctly. If your rib cage curls early towards your back, the implants and breasts will have a pre-build gap and the implants will want to slide down and out on your ribs.  In the opposite case, some patients sternum slopes in between their breasts. In this case you are more likely to have deeper cleavage.  

3. Pectoralis Muscle 💪

This muscle (except with implants are above the muscle) will sit on top or across your implant and when contracted it shortens and puts pressure on your implant.  In patients with a sloped rib cage, this tends to push the implant down and to the sides.  For these patients, I recommend limiting weight lifting targeting your pectorals muscle.  

4. Capsule

This is your scar tissue that forms around the implant that helps to hold the implant in place.  

5. Implant Type

It is critical to ensure you have the correct implant for the implant pocket which achieves your desired look. Some implants migrate more quickly than others based on the implant pocket and your plastic surgeon should account for this in his recommendation.

6. Bra Support

Good support of the breasts from both the side and bottom are critical to help implants stay in place.  I recommend an underwire like bra support 24-7 to help counter the negative forces.

If you are interested in having a more detailed discussion with me about breast implants, click on the link to schedule a consultation.

Written by
Dr. William Albright

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