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Common Myths about Breast Implants Debunked: Insights from San Antonio's Leading Plastic Surgeon
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Common Myths about Breast Implants Debunked: Insights from San Antonio's Leading Plastic Surgeon

Written by
Juli Albright
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.

Common Myths about Breast Implants Debunked: Insights from San Antonio's Leading Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation is among the most popular plastic surgery procedures in San Antonio and the United States. The procedure helps countless individuals enhance their self-esteem and body image. However, despite its popularity, there's a wealth of misinformation surrounding breast implants that can cause unnecessary concern and confusion for those considering the procedure. As a leading plastic surgery clinic in San Antonio, we're here to set the record straight and debunk some of the most common myths about breast implants.

Myth 1: Breast Implants Need to be Replaced Every 10 Years

One of the most persistent myths is that breast implants must be replaced every decade. This misconception likely stems from the idea that implants have an "expiration date," which is inaccurate. While it's true that breast implants can wear out and may need replacement, there's no set timeline for this. Many patients in San Antonio enjoy their implants for much longer than ten years without issues. Regular follow-ups with your plastic surgery provider are the best way to monitor implant integrity and make informed decisions about potential replacement. The video below does a great job describing the five reasons we recommend having your breast implants replaced:

Myth 2: Breast Implants Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer

Research and long-term studies have consistently shown that breast implants do not increase the risk of breast cancer. Patients with implants are encouraged to continue regular breast screenings and mammograms as recommended for their age group. Advanced techniques are used during mammograms to ensure a thorough examination of breast tissue in patients with implants. It's crucial, however, to inform your radiologist about your implants before the screening.

Myth 3: You Can't Breastfeed with Breast Implants

Many prospective patients worry that breast implants will prevent them from breastfeeding in the future. The truth is that most women with breast implants can breastfeed without any complications. The ability to breastfeed depends on the type of surgery performed and the incision site, but plastic surgeons can often use techniques that preserve milk ducts and nerves. Discussing your plans regarding breastfeeding with your San Antonio plastic surgeon before the procedure can help ensure a method that supports your breastfeeding goals.

Myth 4: Implants Look Unnatural

The goal of any reputable plastic surgery clinic, especially in San Antonio, is to achieve results that look and feel natural. Advances in implant technology and surgical techniques have made it easier than ever to achieve a natural appearance. The key is selecting the proper size, shape, and type of implant that complements your body's proportions. A skilled plastic surgeon will work with you to choose implants that achieve your desired aesthetic while maintaining a natural look.

Myth 5: Silicone Implants are Unsafe

Silicone breast implants have undergone extensive testing and research, leading to their approval by the FDA for breast augmentation and reconstruction. Today's silicone implants are designed with safety in mind, featuring a cohesive gel that mimics the feel of natural breast tissue while minimizing the risk of leakage. Patients in San Antonio can feel confident choosing silicone implants for their safety and natural appearance.

Myth 6: Recovery from Breast Implant Surgery is Long and Painful

While any surgery involves some degree of recovery, advancements in plastic surgery techniques have significantly reduced discomfort and downtime associated with breast implant procedures. Many patients in San Antonio report that the recovery is much quicker and less painful than anticipated. Following your surgeon's post-operative care instructions can help ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.

Myth 7: Only Women in Their 20s and 30s Get Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a personal choice that women of all ages make for a variety of reasons. Whether it's enhancing breast volume lost to aging, childbirth, or weight fluctuations or simply achieving the breast size they've always desired, women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond also opt for breast implants. A consultation with a plastic surgeon can help determine if breast augmentation is proper for you, regardless of your age.


Breast implants have come a long way regarding safety, aesthetics, and patient satisfaction. By dispelling these myths, we hope to provide clarity and reassurance to those considering breast augmentation in San Antonio. If you're thinking about enhancing your appearance with breast implants, we encourage you to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can offer personalized advice and expert guidance. Remember, the most essential factors in achieving your desired outcome are selecting the right surgeon and communicating your goals and expectations openly. We are committed to helping you achieve the beautiful, natural-looking results you deserve.

Written by
Juli Albright

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