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How to Pick the Right Sized Implants for Your Shape and Body Size
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How to Pick the Right Sized Implants for Your Shape and Body Size

Written by
Juli Albright
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.

How to Pick the Right Sized Implants for Your Shape and Body Size

Making the right decision and having adequate knowledge about your body are key elements for successful breast implant surgery. You cannot afford to make mistakes here, from opting for breast augmentation to choosing the perfect implant sizes.

In this case, women particularly have to be more competent and seek the latest information on it before they can take make the right choices. If you’re a woman on the verge of taking this monumental step in life, a lengthy discussion with your plastic surgeon on breast augmentation surgery is imperative.

This article will serve as a guide toward successful implantation.

Breast Implants - The Right One for Your Body

It’s crucial to determine the ideal implant size that will be just right for your body type and size. This depends on several considerations. Let’s take a look at those below:

1.    Self Analysis

The decision for an implant is very personal. Dr. Albright often has patients look at themselves in the mirror and adjust their breasts to what they would like them to look like. This may be pushing them up, adding volume, or creating cleavage. For some women, they are flat chested and primarily want this fixed. If this is a reoccurring thought, it may be time to consider implants.

Determine what you dislike in your body shape. It’s common for women to be dissatisfied with the shape or size of their breasts. Some find them way too flat, while others think that the size doesn’t align with their other proportions.

Hence, you need to identify the root problem first.

2.    Observe the Anatomy

Do not attempt to match your breast implants with your body size and shape on your own. It’s best to leave this difficult task to a cosmetic surgeon with experience. They understand various breast shapes and body sizes better.

When you’re observing your anatomy for the implant size, here are the most important areas to focus on:

·      The breadth of your chest

·      Width of your shoulders

·      Your breasts’ symmetry

·      The existing distance between each breast

·      The width of the breasts at the base

Apart from these, another vital consideration is the amount of breast tissue you have. If your breasts have limited tissue, you can only choose from smaller implants. However, the emphasis is on seeking guidance from a plastic surgeon with experience, who would know which implant size will suit your body type.

3.    View Your Objectives

List down the reasons you want an implant. Your ultimate objective plays a major role in making a decision. Are you looking for a complete makeover and a brand new self? Do you need to boost your confidence and self-esteem after a turbulent period in life? Is sex appeal your goal?

What you’re looking for from this major transition in life directly impacts the implant size you want to go with. Hence, decide what outcome you wish well in advance before the augmentation surgery.

4.    Learn All You Can About Implant Sizes

In cubic centimeter measurements, you will find implant sizes from 150to 850 cc. However, the latter range is extreme, and most women generally stay within the 300 to 500 cc range.

It is important to learn from your doctor about implant volumes and how every difference of even 100 cc matters. Even the slightest volume variations can have a massive impact on the appearance, and you don’t want a your chest from miscalculations.

5.    Never Skip Trying On

Just as it is important to try out footwear before you make a purchase, it is necessary to try out implants before you get them. When you head over to the cosmetic doctor’s, he/she will surely have a range of implant sizes for you to try.

You must feel and examine each to gauge how well or ill-suited they are for your body. Do not hesitate to try on the implants under your garments too. This will help you experience how each size feels on your chest. It’s best to wear the implants for a test trial before they become a permanent part of your body.  

6.    Lifestyle and Wardrobe Consideration

Apart from body size and type, you have to pay due consideration to your lifestyle and daily wear. What sort of activities do you indulge in daily? Is working out a regime for you? Do you have a physically strenuous job?

All these have a direct impact on the implant size that will suit you. For instance, athletes would never opt to get big sized implants, as they would surely hamper the comfort level while running, jumping, etc. Let’s also not forget your choice of clothes daily.

You may want the size to suit your low-cut dresses, but then you could also be the one wanting no attention to your chest whatsoever—each aspect of your life matters in the case of breast implants.

7.    Picture References are a Big Help

Picture references are a great help when you want to show a plastic surgeon exactly what look you want. In the case of breast implants, your doctor would find it helpful if you present a picture of the breasts you are trying to emulate.

This source would make the surgery navigation easy and give the doctor a perfect idea of the results you desire after the procedure. You should research beforehand and look at before and after galleries to seek the ideal inspiration.

It would also help to use pictures that reference a similar body type as yours. This paints a clearer picture of how a similar implant would look on you.

Final thoughts

Breast implants are the new norm to boost self-esteem and confidence. It helps people looking for a significant change in life get what their hearts desire. It is best to seek a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and use references to make correct choices for the implants.

Written by
Juli Albright

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