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Interview with Health Coach - Kathryn Veracruz at Profile

Interview with Health Coach - Kathryn Veracruz at Profile

Written by
Dr. William Albright
Dr. William Albright is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast and body procedures.
Dr. William Albright is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast and body procedures.

Interview with Health Coach - Kathryn Veracruz at Profile

A little about the author...

Dr. William Albright is a board certified plastic surgeon with advanced cosmetic training and specializes in breast and body procedures. He has performed over 1000 breast and body contouring procedures and even taught plastic surgery for several years.  As a San Antonio native, he’s committed to providing 5 Star Service and likes to spend the extra time to make you feel comfortable, so you get the best results possible. At Alamo Plastic Surgery our mission is to provide exceptional value through patient education, empowerment, and incredible results.


It was my pleasure to interview Kathryn Veracruz at Profile by Sanford. She is a Certified Health Coach with a master's degree in health and kinesiology from UTSA. She has worked at Profile for the almost a year and previously was a trainer at LA Fitness. At Profile (~$99/month for a full year), they provide one-on-one coaching, individually tailored plans, nutritious meals, genetic testing, and Smart Tracking Technology. They have a location in Stone Oaks and opening soon is an Alamo Ranch Location.

I initially met Kathryn ~3 months ago, and it was clear she was as passionate about fitness and health as I am. At Alamo Plastic Surgery, we are constantly looking for new resources to help our patients achieve the results they desire. So let's dive in to learn the inside scoop on health coaching and what to expect!

What is the most challenging aspect of coaching?

It really is the commitment aspect of it...we meet them halfway.

Kathyrn - " It really is the commitment aspect of it. You have members who say "I'm ready, I want to do this", and dive into both nutrition and fitness. But we also have members who are looking to improve nutrition but maybe they're not too committed to the activity aspect. And that's perfectly fine. We want to try to meet them halfway. We may still encourage them to find an activity that they enjoy and try to optimize it, so they're still seeing results... incorporating our products with some of the foods that they like to eat also helps our members."

How do you keep members engaged when they aren't losing weight immediately or when they plateau?

SMART Goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Based

There are several ways Kathryn recommends overcoming those hurdles. In each coaching session, she meets with members to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based) goals. An example of this is to start drinking more water. Typically she starts women at drinking 64 oz of water and then asks them to increase it by 6 oz a week until they reach a gallon (128 oz) of water. Drinking water is a great way to promote weight loss and ensure great hydration of you body. Profile also has a body composition scale which measure body fat and muscle in each area of the body. Sometimes they see with members body fat and inches dropping even when the scale does not move. Members also notice their skin being clearer, better mood, mental focus, and better fitting clothes. She loves when patients come in so excited to fit into clothes they have not worn in years!

How do you encourage people to get involved in fitness?

Kathryn - "Absolutely so we do have members who are still finding their niche as far as what they like to do with activity. It could be gardening or walking. We will encourage them to park a little bit further from the grocery store.  I encourage my members to take a five-minute brain break such as walk around the office, or walk to the car. Once they realize how incorporating activities they already enjoy plays a big role in their weight loss, then it sparks something in them like "okay I'm ready for the next step". They start to wonder what else they can do to optimize their weight loss and then we will pull up the activity sources for them. We do encourage 150 minutes of activity a week based off the CDC guidelines, and then from there we will find and pinpoint what they enjoy whether it's strength training, or more basic activities like gardening? What is it that you love to do the most and let us help you increase it, optimize it safely, and, of course, the nutrition part will come into play as well.

Do you recommend strength training for most people?

Kathryn does recommend body weight exercises, yoga or stretch initially. Once members become more comfortable with themselves and a routine she recommends a gym membership or fitness camp (Gladiator or Orange Theory). Most members quickly realize they need to incorporate strength training into their journey and Profile has resistance bands and beginner workouts with dumbbells and strength training to help.

What do you find most rewarding about coaching?

"I find the non-scale goals the most rewarding. When someone tells me ' Girl - I fit into this shirt that I've haven't been able to wear since my first kid' and their face is so excited"

Kathryn - "I find the non-scale goals the most rewarding. When someone tells me ' Girl - I fit into this shirt that I've haven't been able to wear since my first kid, and their face is so excited. Or members will tell me I didn't realize, but I just have so much energy now. They're able to get through their day and are no longer lethargic. You can tell they're glowing. This makes me happy for them because I know they're working for it.. you see this transition from the first visit where they lack confidence to this new more confident person. It's been something I really found impactful in my career.

What is your hardest personal challenge?

Kathryn's biggest challenge right now is to eat all her meals everyday. She is training for her first bikini challenge in June. This is an extremely rigorous process. She actually working with a coach to help her through this process. About 3 years ago, she wanted to do something more with her life. She spoke to her coach and professors. They encouraged her to pursue a Masters degree and now a bikini competition. She loves fitness and nutrition and is constantly looking for new personal and professional challenges.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Chicken Sliders are Kathryn's Favorite Meal


For Profile meal replacements it is the chocolate brownie mix as Kathryn loves chocolate. Her favorite meal is chicken slider with barbecue sauce and sweet potato fries. After her competition in June, she has requested her friends bring her waffles and pancakes!

What is your favorite exercise?

Kathryn likes box jumps and is working on jumping on a box almost as talkl as she is!!!

Wrap up

Thank you everyone for watching or reading this today. Both Kathryn and I are happy to answer any questions using the contact information below:

Kathryn Veracruz

(210) 503-9536

Dr. William Albright


Written by
Dr. William Albright

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