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Liposuction: 11 Popular Areas to Get Treatment & What to Expect
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Liposuction: 11 Popular Areas to Get Treatment & What to Expect

Written by
Juli Albright
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.

Liposuction:  11 Popular Areas to Get Treatment & What to Expect

Almost a quarter million cosmetic procedures are performed every year; liposuction procedures is just one of them. Since 2018, this body contouring procedure has become the go-to trend treating areas with fat.

Even though it’s not a weight loss procedure, but a method to shape the body, millions of women, want to give it a try.

 Besides, even famous models without excess weight can develop strange fatty pockets on their body. These fat deposits can be incredibly difficult to remove, which is why people turn to this particular cosmetic procedure.

If you too are a candidate for liposuction, you are in for a treat. We’ve compiled all the useful info on the more popular areas you can get rid of the fat and get the body you’ve always dreamed of. But, first, it’s crucial to fully understand the treatment before you go all-in. So, let’s get right to it.

1.   Stomach

Getting rid of the “muffin top” is a feat of its own. With liposuction, patients have the opportunity to tighten the area and tone the abdomen.

But, before the procedure begins, the doctor will first inspect the stomach.They will analyze the level of elasticity and add the proper markings to avoid saggy skin. If a patient has excessive proportions of fat or severe skin laxity, they could be advised to get a tummy tuck instead.

2.   Butt

Most plastic surgeons will advise against a buttocks liposuction since the treatment can cause that part of the body to look flat or completely deflated. A more practical solution would be a Brazilian butt lift. It reshapes the skin and gives the muscles a curvy look.

3.   Mons Area

The extra fatty tissues that build up in the mons pubis can make the area look bigger. Liposuction can correct this effect. The procedure starts with general anesthesia. Then the tissues are suctioned outside. The body will recover quickly.

4.   Side Breast Area

For a fuller effect, liposuction can get rid of the excess fat on the side of the breasts. This is an effective treatment for those looking to reduce their breast size and side boobs. Often this can make your actual breast look more full and perky.

5.   Breasts

With age, the breasts get a saggy look. Depending on the patient, liposuction can harvest fat from a different part of your body for the fat to be then injected in your breasts to add volume.

6.   Arms

Liposuction on this particular area can give the arms a more natural look. In certain cases, excising excess skin may be necessary along with the liposuction.

7.   Neck

The fat on the neck can be sculpted to give the neck a more youthful look. This particular cosmetic procedure contours the jawline and tones the muscles around the neck.

8.   Thighs

Liposuction can be done on the anterior, lower, outer, and inner thighs.In fact, these spots are one of the most frequently treated areas of your body.Women rely on this cosmetic procedure to remove fat outer thighs and shape the body. The finished look provide a slimming appearance and reduce the silhouette.

9.   Back

Patients whose skin on the back overlaps often choose this type of area for liposuction. Since the spot is pretty thick, it easily handles the treatment. To speed up the rejuvenation process, various compression garments can be worn. For quicker recovery and safer treatment, assisted liposuction might be a better alternative for this type of treatment.

10.   Curvy Waist

This is one of the most noticeable areas to body contour. It is one of the most responsive areas to cosmetic treatment. The elasticity of the skin after we gain weight makes it a favorable spot for liposuction. The treated areas quickly take shape, and the skin tightens around the waist.

11.   High Definition Abs

VASER is an ultrasound-assisted procedure meant to define the abs. It gets rid of the fat located in strategic points all across the body as well. For a defined appearance, this is the preferred choice.


·     Is Liposuction Permanent?

Post-treatment, the shape of the body is somewhat permanent. However, it all depends on the patient. If the patient gains weight, the body can change in shape. But, the fat cells that were eliminated by the procedure will not grow back.

·     Can I See Immediate Results After Treatment?

After liposuction, the skin will be prone to swelling. This is a typical outcome after any kind of plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure. Experts suggest you wait out for the swelling to subside, sometimes from 4 weeks to a couple of months, to notice the final results.

·     What Will Happen If I Gain Weight After Treatment?

The more pounds you gain after the procedure, the less evident the results will be. The procedure will remove 4 pounds of fat. If you regain that fat back, you will still notice the results as it changes your body contours.

Written by
Juli Albright

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