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So you want a tummy what?
Tummy Tuck

So you want a tummy what?

Written by
Dr. William Albright
Dr. William Albright is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast and body procedures.
Dr. William Albright is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast and body procedures.

So you want a tummy what?


Deciding to get a tummy tuck is exciting and can definitely be life-changing. It’s a big decision that can build (or regain) your confidence, self-image and of course, help you live your best life. However, it’s a decision that should not be taken lightly. There are several important things to consider and focus on before going into surgery. 

Dr. Albright, board certified plastic surgeon, and his team, are here to help make the experience a little less overwhelming and intimating. As a surgeon, he knows that not only does this decision take motivation and commitment, its best made when you’ve educated yourself to feel confident about the process. So where do you begin? Here are a few tips from Alamo Plastic Surgery to help you organize your thoughts in preparation for a tummy tuck.

1. Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

This is by far the most important decision of your tummy tuck journey. Making sure the physician is board certified is a must and easy to do at Check out their credentials, history and surgical specializations. Just because they are a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean they specialize in tummy tuck procedures. Give their office a call if you are having a hard time finding that information online. 

2. Search for Photos

This is important for multiple reasons.

  • Surgical before & afters. Take a look at the physician’s work and head to their websites and social media accounts for before and after photos. Board certified plastic surgeons consider before and after photos their work portfolio similar to any photographer, interior designer, or videographer. As everyone is different, good plastic surgeons take into account every detail to deliver their patients customized aesthetic goals! 
  • Find your ideal. Look for pictures of your ideal body (within reason) and people with similar body types as you. The importance of this exercise is to help you better picture realistic results. You want someone with a similar build (hip width, reasonable similar weight distribution). Many surgeons will list the details of the surgery in the description of the before and after photo that can help you decide what you’re expecting.
  • Look at scars: For tummy tuck surgery, the scars are seen and are location dependent on the type of tummy tuck you have. For a mini tummy tuck, the scars are similar to a c-section, along the same lines. A traditional tummy tuck will leave a scar from hip to hip, with a potential scar at the belly button if a new one is constructed. Make sure the placement of the belly button looks proportional to the rest of the body. In addition, if there are obvious abnormalities in the after photos, this would be a surgeon to avoid.

3. Schedule a Consultation

This is something you absolutely should do, as you interview your potential physicians. Make sure it’s a good fit for both of you and make sure whomever you choose, has your trust. Ask questions, bring in photos that look appealing to you and tell them what you’re expecting out of surgery. Talk to the staff and tour the office. Creating a positive, open relationship with your physician is so helpful to knowing you have made the right decision.

4. Taking before & after photos

Most plastic surgeons today will require you to take before and after photos so they can document results.  Know that NO plastic surgeon is allowed to share those photos without YOUR permission.  If at any time, you decide you don’t want to share your photos, doctors are required to stop showing them. However, think about how helpful the photos might have been for you. This often inspires people who are proud of their results to allow physician use for others.

Written by
Dr. William Albright

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