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Types of Boob Jobs
Breast Enhancement

Types of Boob Jobs

Written by
Juli Albright
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.

Types of Boob Jobs

Have you decided to improve your breast shape and size?   It is a big leap and often women are surprised by the plethora of options and technical jargon associated with breast augmentation.  An experienced board certified plastic surgeon can easily help you figure out the best option based on your anatomy and  goals.  Many women, however, are seeking to understand the options themselves to either be prepared for the consultations or understand what a plastic surgeon is recommending.  

1. Size

Implant size is probably the largest factor in determining how your breasts will look after breast augmentation.  300 cc is very very different look then 800cc.  Size should be considered very carefully based on your anatomy and desired look.  The average size for women in the United States is ~350 cc and for women in Texas ~400 cc.  Much larger and women should consider longterm effects of sagging.

2. Implant Type

Saline or silicone?  It is a very personal decision and most women know almost immediately which one they are more comfortable with.  The main advantage of saline is if ruptures, the saline solution inside the implant is not harmful to the body and is absorbed or urinated out.  The main disadvantage, is they often feel less natural and can show rippling.  Silicone gel or gummy bear implants, do not have the downsides and can be customized to feel very similar to your natural breast tissue.  Besides having a great breasts, it would be hard for an untrained person to determine if you have implants or not.

3. Implant Pocket

Based on your anatomy and activities, your plastic surgeon will recommend a breast implant pocket. There are three implant pocket options.

As you can see from the many different names it is easy to understand why it can be confusing.

  1. Subglandular / Prepectoral / Above the Muscle - Typically used for body builders and women who use there pectoral muscles for exercise.
  2. Partial Submuscular / Dual Plane - Typically used if unable to place implants     completely below the muscle
  3. Total Submuscular / Retropectoral / Below the Muscle - Most common implant pocket placement.

4. Surgery Method

Through the armpit, belly button, breast fold, or areola? These are all methods plastic surgeons use to place implants. Typically plastic surgeons will have a preference and almost exclusively utilize this method.

5. Implant Profile

Implant manufacturers have different implant profiles.Based on your desired look, your plastic surgeon will advice one of the following profiles:

6.  Cohesiveness / Gumminess  

What does this mean?  It is a measure of how stiff the gel inside the implant is.  If you think of an actual gummy bear, the gel inside the implant can be less cohesive which will mean it is a softer more liquid feeling to very cohesive which will result n a harder feeling implant.  This is based on your preference and what type of look and feel you wish.

‍7.  Implant manufacturers

There are only four main brands of implants.  Typically your plastic surgeon will only work with 1-2. You should ask them which ones they prefer and why.  

Written by
Juli Albright

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