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Mini-Tummy Tuck: What Do You Need To Know?
Tummy Tuck

Mini-Tummy Tuck: What Do You Need To Know?

Written by
Juli Albright
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.
Juli is our patient advocate and community connection. She balances work, life and family with grace.

Mini-Tummy Tuck: What Do You Need To Know?

Do you want to repair your sagging or loose tummy skin? Or do you want to lose fat pockets on your abdomen which won't disappear with diet and exercise?  If so, then a mini tummy tuck can help you in this case.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

Well, a mini tummy tuck, also known as partial abdominoplasty or mini abdominoplasty, is a method to restore smoother skin and appearance on the part below your belly button. This surgical procedure includes removing excess skin. Additionally, this method replaces a Cesarean section mark with a lower scar that is a bit longer.

But this type of tummy tuck occurs on a small swath of skin on your lower abdomen. This is why you may end up with lots of stretch marks that are away from the lower abdomen. Predominantly, a tummy tuck aims to remove an old C-section scar and a few inches of extra skin. It helps you to tighten the bottom part of your abdomen. On top of that, some surgeons also tighten up the lower abdominal muscles to give better results.

Hence, this tummy tuck procedure is an excellent method for people who only want to have lower abdominal contour and don’t go for muscle tightening. However, you an also opt for liposuction to be performed in tummy tuck surgery. This way, you can cut down the extra fat and contour the flanks and abdomen. Furthermore, you can always combine this procedure with a breast lift or augmentation during the mommy makeover.

Are You A Good Candidate for Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery?

This surgery is an excellent option for people who fall in the following categories:

·      Individuals who have a slight pooch or small sagging skin in their lower abdomen and at a healthy and stable BMI

·      Individuals who require minimal muscle restoration (rectus diastasis plication) near the lower belly button.

·      Individuals who need scar removal after having a C-section.

·      Individuals who don't have a plan for future pregnancies, as it will stretch their tummy again.

Besides, if your tummy accumulates above your waist when you sit or bend at the waist, or if you have pronounced separation of your abdominal muscles, then it's best to go for the full tummy tuck surgery. Generally, women who have had two or more pregnancies opt for a full abdominoplasty.

Wondering if men can opt for the procedure? Yes, they can. Usually, women opt for these types of cosmetic techniques, but men can also have them. Male candidates are mostly super-fit patients that have ripply muscles and very low body fat, and only a little excess skin around the lower abdomen (typically caused from weight loss). Males who have lost excessive weight may need a full tummy tuck.

What Is the Mini Tummy Tuck Cost?

This is the most common question. Usually, people ask, "How much is a tummy tuck?" Unfortunately, it is a tricky question to answer, as many factors impact the cost of this surgery. At Alamo Plastic Surgery we list a range for tummy tuck on our website but it may vary based on the time for surgery, anesthesia, and surgery facility fees.

Techniques Used in the Procedure

Mostly, tummy tuck only includes the technique to tighten the loose and sagging skin of your abdomen. But your surgeon may suggest you expand the procedure according to your requirements. In fact, this surgery is pretty customizable, which leads to its three different names: extended, mini, full tummy tuck.

As a mini one helps contour the excess and loose skin below your navel, it will cost you around four to five thousand dollars depending on the duration for the surgery.

Liposuction during the Procedure

You may need liposuction to remove a greater amount of fats. Liposuction can be performed anywhere. This process usually reduces the excess fat from larger parts of the body, such as the lower or upper abdomen, back, hips, chest, buttocks, or sides. Fortunately, now, surgeons perform this process on the smaller parts of your body as well, such as knees, underarms, necks, thighs, and chin, because of the advancement in technologies.

How Much Time Will Recovery Take?

As mini tummy tuck surgery is less invasive in nature, your recovery time will be relatively shorter than the full tummy tuck technique. Surprisingly, the surgery itself only needs as little as two hours. Hence, you are free to get back to your home after few hours in recovery. Additionally, your surgeon will ask you to avoid strenuous activities like exercises for six weeks. By giving this much time to your body, you will help it to heal properly.

Your surgeon will also suggest you wear an abdominal support accessory or garment for around three to six months. It helps compress your abdomen and reduce the swelling. Although recovering from the mini tummy tuck surgery is pretty straight forward and easy, it is also vital to follow all the instructions that your surgeon has given to you. If you want to get a speedy recovery and optimal results, you need to take care of yourself.

Your surgeon will also tell you:

·      How can you care for drain and incision tubes?

·      What do you need to know about the infection and overall health?

·      What do you need to stop doing for some time?

·      When do you need to revisit your plastic surgeon?

·      How much you need to rest?

·      What food is best to eat?

·      How long you need to wear abdominal garments?

When You Will See Results?

Everyone wants to witness the results soon after the surgery. Well, it’s not possible to observe a completely fine and smooth tummy from the next day. A tummy tuck is a significant surgery that takes time to recovery. Although you may not feel great, you can get a hint of your results right after the surgery, as all the sagging skin will have disappeared. You can take it as an encouraging sign to continue your healing process.

After this period, you will begin to observe your body's new shape. The swelling will get reduced, and you will start feeling good. Recovery will take another 2 to 3months to eliminate the remaining swelling. During this time, you may not adjust into pants. In these first three months, you will shrink into your new body size due to decreasing swelling. After three months, you can start wearing your older clothes. Then, it comes to the last healing stage, which can take more than a year. During this time, you will notice a decreasing level of numbness in your skin. Once you have gone through all these days, you will see a significant difference in your physical attributes.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, a mini tummy tuck is an easy and simple process to bring back your confidence. You will feel more comfortable in your skin. Not to mention, the procedure is not as expensive as a full tummy tuck and needs less recovery time. However, make sure to opt for the plastic surgeon that can give you the best results. You can choose the one with excellent education and training, years of experience, and expertise to deal with your type of surgery.

Written by
Juli Albright

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